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Potassium Derivatives

Food & Beverage

Many Potassium Derivatives play a key role in making our food tastier or easier to preserve:

  • Potassium salts produced from KOH like potassium benzoate, potassium citrate, potassium lactate and others are used as food preservatives, acidity regulators and sequestrants in processed foods
  • K2CO3 is used for alkalizing cocoa powder, giving it a darker brown colour and a milder flavour whilst increasing solubility, i.e. making it easier to mix with liquids
  • K2CO3 is used in the production of Sultanas, allowing for a faster and better controlled drying process of the grape, and giving it its typical golden colour
  • KHCO3 is often used as a low sodium alternative to NaHCO3 in the pH-control of foodstuffs, as a leavening agent in bakery goods, as an effervescence agent and/or potassium source in sports drinks, or as an acid neutralizer in wines